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Re: Bored? Write or Answer a Prompt!

Postby lemonissourUwU » February 18th, 2021, 9:35:46 am

VexusHexus wrote:Prompt: You wake up inside your house! It's a normal day as ever you go about your day, but then you notice that outside the window you see nothing but a pitch black void.

Honestly, it's a nice change of pace from the usual view, which were just rainbow colors flashing nonstop. Still, it concerns you. Not all that much though. You just take your time, making some dinner and feeding your three hellhound pups, because three is the magic number for everything, apparently.

After dinner, you put your bowl into the sink and left it there. There was always some invisible force that took care of cleaning. You tried to help, but every time you did a gust of wind would push you away. Eventually, you decided to stop trying.

Hearing the doorbell ring, you stop going to where ever you were going and walked straight to the door instead. You open it, looking down at a black, inky creature. It says nothing, and just pushes itself past you and into the house. You start to protest, but it holds up a hand.

"This black void is unnatural, isn't it?" It comments, looking out a window. You nod mutely, remember that it wasn't looking at you, and clear your throat. "Yeah... I don't suppose you have something to do with it." The statement makes it chuckle. "Oh hell no. I'm just an ink being, not a void creature!"

Void creature? You start to say something, but stop when you notice it glaring at you with a 'don't even think about talking' face. "Do you want to get rid of it or not? The darkness, I mean." It adds, seeing your confused face. You sigh, silent for a bit. Would it be that bad going back to the everyday rainbow eyesore? Actually, yes. "No, I don't need it to be gone", you reply.

Seemingly satisfied, the ink being heads for the door. Before leaving, it tacks a piece of paper on the wall. "My number. Just in case you want to get rid of the void", it explains. Then leaves for good. You stare at the door for a bit, then reach out to close it. How strange.

Prompt: A strange portal opens up in your room, and two people walk out of it. They don't seem to be a threat...
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Re: Bored? Write or Answer a Prompt!

Postby Recurvirostra » April 25th, 2021, 7:12:48 pm

lemonissourUwU wrote:Prompt: A strange portal opens up in your room, and two people walk out of it. They don't seem to be a threat...


Prompt: After being robbed of their own, the protagonist acquires the ability to interact with other children's imaginary friends.
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