Name: unnamed
Species: Nadolig Corgerus
Birthday: Wednesday, January 4, 2023
Owner: Anonymous

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Stage Progress: 90.06%
Overall Progress: 45.03%

A festive red collar with three bells adorns this egg.

Nadolig Corgeruses are adorable fluffballs of joy, with all three heads so relentlessly cheerful that magi and creatures around them can’t help but be happy. This doesn’t always mean that the heads agree on what they’re happy about - one may be daydreaming about its next tasty meal while another is singing along to its magi, and the third is attempting to chase after a round ornament it just spotted. This often results in comical mishaps where one head tries to start running while the others are distracted, and the corgerus ends up in an adorable pile on the ground. These companions have very mild control over flames - just enough to light decorative candles and keep them from setting nearby items on fire - leading to some speculation that they are distantly related to the much more fearsome soulflame and hellflame cerberuses. However, nadolig corgeruses show little inclination of hunting their own prey, though they do greatly enjoy stealing meat from the Keep kitchens.

Sprite art: Mysfytt | Description: Kestrad