Female Hatchling

Female Hatchling
Name: unnamed
Species: Autumnal Crystalwing
Birthday: Thursday, May 12, 2022
Owner: Utena

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Stage Progress: 12.83%
Overall Progress: 56.41%

Autumnal crystalwing hatchlings are an odd mix of leaves and gems. They are heavy for their size, the crystals adorning their bodies dragging them down wherever they go. Unable to fly at such a young age, the hatchlings occupy themselves with finding colorful rocks to play with. They are brave little creatures, often visiting crystal caves. Their main diet consists of crystals and gems, but they also love to feast on fallen leaves. The crystals that are not eaten are instead gathered in small piles. Curious about all the dead leaves around them, it is hard to gain the attention of an autumnal crystalwing hatchling. The crystalwings can get so focused on them that they often forget about the world around them. They can play and sleep in the same pile of dead leaves for days and days. The only thing that could eventually take them away from their beloved leaves is their hunger for crystals.

Autumnal crystalwings are migratory creatures. They follow the seasons, feeling the most comfortable in the wet weather of autumn. It is believed the autumnal crystalwings bring abundant rains in the cold mornings of autumn as well as thick fogs. Their presence is marked by the faint scent of sweet maple and by the coloration of their bodies. Their thick, leathery wings resemble leaves. Although all of them have the coloration of autumn leaves, the males are brightly colored compared to the females. The males use the colors to their advantage, trying to attract the attention of females. With a great passion for dead and dying leaves, the autumnal crystalwings can be so focused on them that they no longer pay attention to their surroundings. The only other thing they care about just as much is colorful gems. They often venture inside deep and narrow caves in search of beautiful crystals. They eat some of these gems while hoarding the rest. A sleeping autumnal crystalwing can easily be mistaken for a pile of fallen leaves, only the shining gems giving it away. Unlike other crystalwings, the autumnal prefer to fly close to the trees, blending in with the autumn leaves. Gems that fall from their bodies are gathered and turned into delicate pieces of jewelry, often gifted to those who celebrate their birthdays in the fall season.

Sprite art: Xenomorph/Lazuli | Description: Real