Adult Male

Adult Male
Name: Charon
Species: Naga Ally
Birthday: Sunday, March 11, 2018
Owner: Wolfink

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Stage Progress: 100%
Overall Progress: 100%

As with the others of his kind, this naga spends most of the day studying, particularly the arts of nature. Nagas occasionally live alongside magi as allies, learning and working together. Special quarters are arranged for them, with magically heated rocks to battle cool nights. These creatures make powerful allies, especially when a magi travels to the Jungle of Raza, their homeland. They are most comfortable in that dangerous place, as they are incredibly fast and able in battle. Nagas possess large, powerful tails, and have great prowess when it comes to climbing trees; indeed, when at The Keep, most of their time is spent among branches. These snake people, as commoners call them, are not often seen, as they reside in places deeper than any have dared to venture. Their society is a fiercely kept secret, and no one knows how large their population is. To be trusted by one of these people is considered a great honor.

Occasionally magi will form alliances with other species. This usually occurs when a magi has given assistance or has accepted help. Allies offer aid with anything from healing to warfare. It is important for magi to make as many alliances as possible, so that in their travels they will always have aid if they require it. In return for such help, magi offer it in return. The Keep often hosts visitors passing through, giving comfort to those who are injured or need companions in battle. As well as temporary visitors, there are people sent to learn as well, and are students as well as representatives. An important part of alliances is knowledge shared between two races. An ally is sent to stay at The Keep, to teach others their magic and also to learn new magic.

Sprite art: Niwer | Description: Damien