Frozen Egg

Frozen Egg
Name: unnamed
Species: Sayos Vitriums
Birthday: Wednesday, August 31, 2016
Owner: Graveworm

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Two tiny antennae have emerged from this green egg.

Although they are very small and look much like insects, virtriums are actually made out of glass. If you hold one up to the light, you can see the sun shining through. These companions cannot drown, do not feel the cold, and do not need to eat. Sometimes, they'll eat a bit of glass, but mostly they seem content to lie on a blade of grass and let the sun warm them up. The only thing they seem truly fearful of is hot fires, particularly forges. They dislike dragons above all other creatures, and remain far away from them. Strangely enough, these insects get along very well with alicantos. Many were concerned when vitriums first came to the castle, alarmed that the alicantos, with their penchant for eating strange materials, would consider vitriums delicious treats. Instead, though, the two often hang out on the same tree branch, and vitriums have even been seen hitching a ride on an alicanto. Other than this odd friendship, vitriums keep their distance from most creatures because they are so delicate. The only way they survive even one day without breaking is because they are incredibly nimble. If anyone walks near them, vitriums simply jump very high to evade any danger. In addition to their fast reactions, the glass they are made out of is much stronger than normal glass.

Sprite art: Cassowary/Lazuli | Description: Damien