Adult Male

Adult Male
Name: unnamed
Species: Hvitamarr
Birthday: Monday, February 29, 2016
Owner: Graveworm

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Stage Progress: 100%
Overall Progress: 100%

Adult hvitamarr are large, powerful beasts with a surprisingly smooth gait despite their many legs. When looking for one in the wild, a magi may be able to attract them by the use of kenning: poetry written using figurative expressions, the more obscure the better. When fully grown, hvitamarr are capable of taking extended journeys with very little rest or food, and it's said that hvitamarr and their vedhrmarr cousins take old magi to their final resting places. They can also cross water of any size, including the ocean, by walking on the tops of the waves.

The magi who saw the first hvitamarr thought it was a mirage or an illusion, brought about by the glow of the sun through the mountains surrounding the caves of Nareau. Hvitamarr make their home at the base of these mountains, extending towards Synara in the east and Alveus in the west. They're strong and sturdy creatures, capable of travelling great distances even with a rider and supplies. Like their vedhrmarr cousins, they have a particular fondness for poetry, especially the kind known as kenning. It's thought that their proximity to the caves of Nareau is what gave them the shine to their gold and pink coats. Hvitamarr are very loyal to their magi and their magi's loved ones, and tend to be more aggressive than their vedhrmarr cousins, especially when it comes to defending themselves and their family.

Sprite art: Tekla | Description: Sochitelya