Female Hatchling

Female Hatchling
Name: unnamed
Species: Caramel Xocomel
Birthday: Wednesday, December 23, 2015
Owner: whitewolfjustice

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Stage Progress: 2.34%
Overall Progress: 46.73%

Xocomel hatchlings are strange creatures. You can buy a few from the store, but Remy insists he did not make them, nor does he know who does. Apparently they mysteriously appear sometime in the night. The hatchlings are at first nothing more than chocolate, but everyone knows to leave the candy alone until midnight on Halloween, when they will come to life. Soon the amphibians are alive, and it is not long before they are sprinting about. These xocomels are as swift as they are small, and can be found all over the castle, in odd nooks and crannies. Catching one can be quite difficult, and the hatchlings are usually too fast to grab. Young xocomels love to climb, and you can never tell where one will be. Like most of the other hatchlings, they play games with one another, the most common being tag. Even if you don't like to eat chocolate, xocomel hatchlings are quite fun to watch.

There are many wild newts and salamanders around The Keep, living in damp, muddy spots near rivers. They are as normal as could be, busy hunting for bugs, covered in shiny scales. The newts that live in the castle, however, are quite different, and are not even called newts because of these differences. Xocomels appear only once a year, and remain for a short time before disappearing. The talk around the castle is that some magi must have conjured them up, hoping to spread the spirit of Halloween. Whoever this person is, no one knows, but the xocomels are welcome entertainment. Xocomels are certainly not creatures that appear in nature, as they are actually edible and will melt if they remain too long in the sun. If captured, they turn at once into lifeless chocolate, and remain motionless in one's hand. Some enjoy eating them, as they are not truly alive when they are first purchased. It is common practice for friends to exchange these creatures. People from as far away as Synara city arrive to sample them, though if the xocomels are removed from the castle they lose the magic that keeps them alive, and they turn back into beautiful chocolates. If one wishes to see a xocomel, they had better be quick enough to catch one, or buy one before Remy is sold out.

Sprite art: GlassWalker | Description: Damien