Male Hatchling

Male Hatchling
Name: unnamed
Species: Skellion
Birthday: Sunday, November 8, 2015
Owner: Tyriagris

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As with many creatures in the Archipelagos, skellions seem to glow with an inner light. Though males are arguably brighter, and can be seen illuminated as skeletal figures many miles away, the darker females still look as though they are always lit, even on moonless nights. Skellions fear no other animal, and even hatchlings will wander around as they please, though in many ways they act less like ordinary hatchlings and more like miniature adults. They are silent, like their parents, and though interact with one another in what appear to be casual greetings, no one has ever seen a skellion play. Even at a young age they seem to ignore most other animals, perhaps because they do not eat, and cannot be physically harmed. If raised by humans, skellions behave much the same way, and will wander about with little regard for their human companion except on exceedingly rare occasions. They are often regarded as difficult to care for, as they do not reciprocate attempts to bond or socialize with humans or most other creatures.

The Candle Archipelagos are busy come late fall, with preparations for the annual festivities well underway across the whole island chain. This time of year is special to a certain type of rare animal as well, a shy beast that visitors to the islands call the skellion. These large skeletal cats stalk down from the lush mountains on the most remote of the Archipelagos’ islands each year around this time, though their reason for doing so is yet unknown. They have only recently become known to the mainland, named less than a century ago in an anecdotal account by a shipwrecked naturalist. The Qaitu people know little about them as well, for the creatures are almost impossible to find during the rest of the year. They claim that these are not the living bones of lions, or any other known cat, but rather something much older, something which once held great power. The skellions, called nodolim by the Qaitu, never interact bother humans, but all the same, they are left a portion of the bones leftover from the feasts in reverence of their former role in the world.

Sprite art: Tekla | Description: PKGriffin