Name: unnamed
Species: Theia Alvean Wasp
Birthday: Saturday, October 31, 2015
Owner: peghorses

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This egg has bristly stinger-like barbs.

There are many insect species in Alveus, and many that sting, but Alveans do not mind these small wasps. While rarely found in nature, these wasps are often bred by Alveans for their beauty. Their soft glowing wings are pleasant to look at, and their sting is completely painless, the venom considered inert. An oddity of these wasps is that both the males and females sting. Their true value, however, became apparent when a magi was stung, and the magi's powers vanished until the sting faded. These wasps carry a toxin so potent that it is effective against magi whether it is injected, ingested, or even merely touched. Worse, they are not friendly insects, and in the wild they are very territorial of their nests, especially the more agile females. This makes any approach toward these insects a dangerous proposition for a magi. Luckily, they are not themselves immune to magic, so a smart magi will not be caught unaware. However, their toxin has become the subject of many studies, and since it is tasteless, a drop of it can do undetected in a drink or a soup in order to render a magi incapable of using their power for hours. Legends in Alveus say that these wasps were bred and refined in the past for defense during the worst of the mage wars, and historical notes sometimes refer to them as "mage killers".

Sprite art: Lazuli | Description: Raneth