Adult Female

Adult Female
Name: unnamed
Species: Mountain Calour
Birthday: Sunday, September 27, 2015
Owner: Sanne

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Calours are considered perfect pack animals. They are both large enough to ride and well-muscled, and can carry several times their own weight. But what makes them perfect for transport is their heat-absorbing abilities. Once trained, they can absorb the warmth and heat from packages of food, preserving it as long as their magi need to. During cold nights, a calour's body heat and the flames it can produce are a welcome comfort. And in the rare situations a magi finds themselves in danger, calours are also imposing enough, especially when their bodies are aflame, to make a wise potential troublemaker run. Despite their appearances, calours are docile and friendly. While they can use the heat they've absorbed in self-defense, they will often only burn as hot as they can in order to burn out the heat in their bodies and bring their temperatures low enough for their magi to pet and groom them after a long day's travel.

Calours are large, strong animals, but despite their appearance they are mild-mannered and sociable. The range of the mountain calour spans the entirety of the Alasre mountains, and they can be found at the base or at the frigid peaks. Calours tend to live in small packs. A pack typically consists of two breeding individuals and their offspring, with the oldest offspring typically driven off after three years with their parents. The newly lone calour will then travel, with those from the peaks traveling to the base of the mountains and the opposite for those beginning life at the base. The calour's magical ability allows them the freedom to live in the harsh conditions at the frigid peaks of the mountains. Calours can absorb and store heat from any source. They can absorb heat from the air around them, and even from open flames, rendering the fire to ash while they then create the fire around their own bodies. There have been stories of magi having their fires stolen or torches put out by passing calours. Mountain calours have a limit to how much heat they can absorb, however, and once their tails light aflame, they cannot absorb any more until the heat burns itself out.

Sprite art: Tekla | Description: Raneth