Adult Male

Adult Male
Name: unnamed
Species: Riverdancer
Birthday: Tuesday, September 15, 2015
Owner: blockEdragon

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When a riverdancer ages, its color becomes darker as more and more matter is taken into its body. There have been sightings of riverdancers so ancient their bodies have turned pitch black. At the same time, they travel down the rivers toward the sea; the closer one is to the estuary of a river, the darker the riverdancers in that region will be. On rare occasions, a riverdancer has been seen swimming out into the ocean, dissolving in the salty waves. What makes one of these creatures decide to do that is a mystery to everyone. While there is no account of a magi's riverdancer doing this, you still keep a careful eye on your creature when near the ocean.

The riverdancer is a water spirit that takes the form of a fish. Originally native to the Stream and Lake Lakira, these creatures have been spread to many other rivers and lakes throughout the land, as their power is very useful. Riverdancers filter pollution out of surrounding water, taking particles of dirt into their own body. For that reason, they make invaluable companions for travelling magi. Place a riverdancer into a bucket of water and no matter how dirty it is, it will be pure and clean as spring water in less than an hour. This power only works on fresh water, however. Putting a riverdancer in salt water will kill it, dissolving it within a few minutes and leaving no trace it ever existed. There is no other known way to kill a riverdancer. Even if forcibly dissolved, it will reform almost immediately.

Sprite art: Lazuli | Description: Morgaln