Adult Male

Adult Male
Name: unnamed
Species: Blue Emperor Phoenix
Birthday: Wednesday, January 1, 2014
Owner: MSolara

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Stage Progress: 100%
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These companions are named so for several reasons, the first being that they were the favored companions of a renowned emperor from across the seas, who ruled thousands of years ago. His birds were the first emperor phoenixes to ever be written about. People believe there is another reason for these creatures names – their personalities. Anyone with a phoenix companion will quickly tell you that they consider themselves to be much like royalty, and try to conduct themselves with dignity at all times. Adults will never engage in play, and seem to dislike spending time with rambunctious hatchlings. Emperor phoenixes have no specific areas in which they reside. They are happy to roam throughout the lands, usually choosing to nest in large trees or atop abandoned buildings. Those who have grown very close with their magi will even spend time within the castle, and special perches have been created for them. It can be quite difficult for these large birds to achieve flight in halls, so they sometimes resort to waddling – a very amusing sight. Laughing at a emperor phoenix in such a situation is warned against. These companions imagine themselves to be very dignified, and are not above destroying a person's belongings should they feel slighted.

Though these creatures are phoenixes, they are not made from living flame, and give off no heat. Should one touch their plumage, they will feel smooth crystal under their fingers. Closer inspection will show a bright light dancing within these feathers, a light that looks much like a trapped fire. Emperor phoenixes do not molt like other avians, and retain their feathers throughout the year. They only shed their plumage when they die and are reborn, and as such their feathers are extremely rare. Though there are a few spells that call for such a scarce ingredient, most magi prefer to keep the feathers as mementos to remind them of their lost companion. Though the emperor phoenix is not truly gone, it will not be the same companion as before. When a phoenix arises from its ashes, its personality is slightly different, or its color may have changed. Additionally, they may even switch magi companions, as they imprint on any human that is present at the time of their birth. In other regards, emperor phoenixes are much like others of their kind – they never die from natural deaths, and no one knows how many thousands of years old the oldest birds are. New phoenixes are never brought into the world; rather, old phoenixes are discovered.

Sprite art: Xenomorph/Lazuli/GlassWalker | Description: Damien