Frozen Female Hatchling

Frozen Female Hatchling
Name: unnamed
Species: Illabor
Birthday: Sunday, December 15, 2013
Owner: Ruinily

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Stage Progress: 91.28%
Overall Progress: 95.60%

Illabor hatchlings are highly sociable creatures, and slither at great speed towards any humans they see. Despite being quite heavy and slippery, they insist on being picked up. If ignored, illabor hatchlings begin trying to climb up a person's clothing, sliding down again and again. Despite being quite energetic, these companions are always cold to the touch, and chill anyone who touches them. Should a illabor hatchling ever be wrapped in warm cloth, or placed near a fire, it will promptly throw a fit. They cannot stand any heat at all, and will go so far as to extinguish flames should they grow too high.

These little creatures are fairly new to the world – at least, to this century. There were found embedded deep within several glaciers, and a passing magi spotted their suspended bodies. Out of curiosity, the magi decided to thaw the ice, and in doing so freed these companions. Illabors are strangely energetic for such a cold environment, and can dart out of eyesight in mere moments. They possess great control over ice, and create burrows inside glaciers which they travel through. When the ice covering the ocean grows thick enough, they burrow through that, as well. They will remain under cover for the warmer months, usually emerging only to feed. Illabor companions feast on anything that they can catch, from small mammals to some foliage. Their attention is caught by things that move, and it's just as likely that they'll pounce on a leaf as it is that they'll devour a rabbit. They are never violent to any creatures that are larger than them, however – rather, they'll try to engage most big animals in games. Arkenian kitsunes and vetuses are common targets, and find this less than amusing. Though they dislike towns and are shy towards most humans, illabor companions become very attached to their magi friends, and are great assets for those who travel to the north. Illabors will show hidden caves where a magi might pass the night, or drop a dead animal at their magi's feet in an effort to feed them.

Sprite art: Lazuli | Description: Damien