Male Hatchling

Male Hatchling
Name: unnamed Bubble Hunter
Family: Bubble Hunter
Generation: 2nd
Species: Korez Seal
Birthday: Tuesday, January 8, 2013
Owner: Nobody
Mother: Surfer Girl Draconna
Father: Deep Diving

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Stage Progress: 47.87%
Overall Progress: 72.89%

These hatchlings are less playful than others, and are more focused on finding food than inventing games. Korez seal hatchlings are quite eager to set out on their own, and often challenge themselves by finding all their own food, rather than eating the meals provided for them. These little ones don't seem to like spending time on land, and are almost always swimming. It takes a very long time for one of these companions to tire, and even then they'd rather find a rock or floating branch to sleep on than go on land. Korez seal hatchlings hate warm weather, and are usually grown enough to leave for the north when the weather turns warmer.

While other seals at the castle are rambunctious creatures, korez seals are more reserved. These companions are friendly enough towards their magi, but prefer to remain in the frigid Arkene, rather than the castle. In the north, these creatures spend their days hunting for food, and rarely leave the water. When they do, it is to rest, and even then they chose not to go on land. Instead, they rest on icebergs, almost as if the cold does not affect them. As summer approaches and some icebergs begin to melt, korez seal move farther north, where the weather is still bitterly cold. There, the icebergs never melt, and the korez seals hold mating rituals once a year. In the depths of winter, when icebergs can be found even along the edges of the Arkene, these seals are slightly more adventurous. Some venture down to the lake, and the warmer weather seems to have no ill effects on them. When waters are spelled to be colder for korez seals, they stay for a while, but eventually leave for the Arkene. If a magi has any business that takes them up north, they'll usually travel near their korez seal companions. These seals act as guides to their magi, and offer them fish they have caught. Sometimes korez seals even lead a boat to an interesting area or some rare eggs.

Sprite art: DarrkestDrow/Munin | Description: Damien