Frozen Male Hatchling

Frozen Male Hatchling
Name: unnamed
Species: Purple Krysos
Birthday: Sunday, December 30, 2012
Owner: Merion

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Stage Progress: 2.50%
Overall Progress: 59.37%

What looked like an ordinary ornament was actually a krysos egg. Once hatched, these hatchlings are incredibly lively and active. It is best to keep krysos hatchlings in a secure container, as they are very small and easy to lose. While these little ones have no powerful poisons or camouflage, they can protect themselves well enough. These unique companions have two-pronged levers tucked beneath their abdomens, which they use to fling themselves into the air. In addition to this, krysos can crawl along most surfaces, so pursuing them is futile.

Krysos are strange creatures indeed. They move most during the warm months, slowly inching through piles of leaves and sleeping much of the time. As winter approaches they become more active, eating many meals a day in preparation. This excess energy is stored in their abdomens, which can grow impressively large. Once snow begins to fall, krysos become focused on finding a suitable place to hibernate. These companions build no homes, but instead crawl inside human dwellings. Any place with a heat source suits them, and people don't mind their presence. Rather, krysos are welcome guests, and many people even leave their windows open a crack for them. Their lovely markings and colors endear them to many, and krysos are traditionally used as winter decorations. It is a common past-time for children to hunt for them in the woods, and bring them home. Krysos do not awaken for any reason during the cold seasons, and don't mind being moved. Their curled antennae conveniently serve as hooks, and the halls of the castle are festively lined with these bugs every solstice. It is important to not place candles or other sources of warmth too near a krysos, lest it wake. Once awake, they have a very difficult time returning to sleep, and jump about excitedly. These bugs can jump many times the height of a human, and are very difficult to catch.

Sprite art: Cassowary | Description: Damien