Female Hatchling

Female Hatchling
Name: unnamed
Species: Saerulis Crystalwing
Birthday: Sunday, November 18, 2012
Owner: Kestrad
Mother: unnamed
Father: unnamed

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Stage Progress: 87.34%
Overall Progress: 91.90%

These hatchlings are extremely heavy, and perhaps because of this, prefer to be carried. Older hatchlings who are learning to fly rarely walk. A magi with a saerulis crystalwing companion should collect shiny objects for the little ones, otherwise jewelry is sure to go missing. Crystalwings are attracted to anything shiny, and hatchlings seem to enjoy eating random objects. Their meals consist of crystals and colorful rocks, and they are partial to anything from the Caves of Nareau. As soon as they are able, crystalwing hatchlings fly to the caves and spend much of their time there.

Saerulis crystalwings are rarely seen, and little is known about them. They are majestic, brightly colored creatures that prefer to remain far from humans. They are so uncommon that local villagers regard them as myth, though others believe them to have existed centuries ago. What little that is known is this: this lovely creatures fly very, very high and are sometimes seen flying over the tops of mountains, traveling to unknown lands. Their flight is silent and graceful, and their swiftness enables them to pass by unnoticed. According to ancient legend, saerulis crystalwings are originally from the Caves of Nareau, where few venture to go. Indeed, their coloring matches jewels brought back from the caves. These glittering caverns are supposedly full of treasures, but not many who venture there return. If one travels to the far off city of Synara, they can find prized jewels that prove these creatures exist. This is because once a year, these creatures molt, and their fallen gems are hunted for. Saerulis crystalwings grow these jewels as if they were scales, and they are made into exquisite jewelry, sold at a steep price to the wealthy.

Sprite art: Cassowary | Description: Damien