Female Hatchling

Female Hatchling
Name: unnamed
Species: Arathkon
Birthday: Tuesday, October 30, 2012
Owner: Danafox

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Stage Progress: 1.53%
Overall Progress: 48.80%

As is common with many hatchlings, these little ones are more curious and adventurous than adults. On cold nights, they break into their magi's bedrooms and fall asleep. Arathkon hatchlings sleep for much of the time, curling up tightly and wrapping their bushy tails around their faces. It is while they are sleeping that they are the sweetest – as soon as an arathkon wakes, destruction is soon to follow. Young arathkons are mystified by anything tasty, warm, or colorful, and do not understand the word no. Although many place wards on their doors to keep the rascals out, they always manage to get in eventually – even if it is down a chimney.

Although these companions make their homes in the forest, in the hollows of trees, they sneak about the castle at night. In the depths of winter, when the wind is harsh and the snow is deep, arathkons will even creep into attics. They are rude guests, tearing up any blankets and clothes they can find to make nests. Villagers sometimes create little shelters at the edges of towns for arathkons, to deter them from breaking into people's houses. Nothing can stop a determined arathkon, however. Even if one manages to completely secure their dwelling, these animals will still appear inside during storms. No one knows how arathkons get past locks or open heavy windows, nor is it likely anyone will learn. Arathkons are nocturnal creatures, and very secretive. They know at once is anyone is around, and run off into the dark. Their gray markings are suitable for their environments, and the markings on their face are often compared to the mask of a bandit. This is also fitting, for arathkons have no sense of right and wrong, and take anything of interest to them. Even the castle is not safe – apples are always missing from the kitchens, and spare blankets disappear. Even the gardens are targeted, which is odd as arathkons are given free reign, and food is even offered to them. The general opinion is that these companions prefer playing the part of the thief, even if it is not necessary. Arathkons are most energetic and troublesome when the moon is full. They creep silently through the castle and towns, messing up anything they can find, just for fun. Many a jack-o'-lantern has been met its fate in the paws of an arathkon, only to be found smashed and half eaten in the morning.

Sprite art: GlassWalker | Description: Damien