Female Hatchling

Female Hatchling
Name: unnamed
Species: Bronze Sonerus Dragon
Birthday: Monday, July 2, 2012
Owner: Dragongirl

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Stage Progress: 44.74%
Overall Progress: 70.42%

Although young sonerus dragons cannot mesmerize anyone with their song, these little ones love singing. As they age, their music becomes more and more powerful. Even as young hatchlings, their songs evoke all manner of emotions. At times, a lonely hatchling will produce a haunting song, but a group of rowdy dragons may compose a tune that is impossible not to dance to. Sometimes, a sneaky hatchling will use their growing magic to make people feel as though they should do something. People with food suddenly feel the urge to feed sonerus dragon hatchlings. A magi about to undergo an adventure may abruptly desire to bring their dragon hatchling along with them.

Sometimes a strange song can be heard, reverberating through the mountains. All who hear it immediately stand still, transfixed. When the sound finally fades away, people continue moving as though nothing happened, and cannot even remember the song. The same is true for other companions, with the exception of dragons. It is for this power that adult sonerus dragons must remain far from the castle, lest their music halt all activity. Any sonerus dragons that approach the castle refrain from singing, as they know very well what effects their music can cause. Wherever one of these dragons go, they are closely followed by an alagos. No one is quite certain how this odd friendship began, but the two are very close, and often build their homes near one another. Sonerus dragons treat alagos almost as if the birds are their companions. It is an odd arrangement, and the dragons take it upon themselves to ensure their alagos's safety. They feed them, help them with nest building, and even look after their young. When the two sing together, the music is even more fascinating. Anyone nearby is completely mesmerized, and can easily be convinced by magic to follow commands. As one can imagine, sonerus dragons are not very good hunters, as they have no need to be – they can merely freeze their prey where it stands. Though everyone makes sure not to say so in their presence, sonerus dragons are a bit more plump than others.

Sprite art: GlassWalker | Description: Damien