Frozen Egg

Frozen Egg
Name: unnamed
Species: Abeoth Frog
Birthday: Wednesday, March 21, 2012
Owner: WolfeDente

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You hold the translucent egg, a different shape than any you've seen before.

With the ability to change color at will, these small amphibians are almost impossible to spot in their natural environment. Depending on the time of the day, they shift through different bright colors to ward off predators and camouflage themselves. When threatened in the wild, they can secrete a powerful poison, and most creatures know not to approach them. Their toxins are powerful ingredients in potions, and are almost completely undetectable. A small vial of this venom will make a hefty price in any city, although magi have ruled it unethical to sell. Handled by its magi, such a creature will never release its poison unintentionally; it has complete control over the magical liquid. When raised in The Keep, Abeoth frogs make useful companions, changing their color to explore dangerous places undetected, or even spying on an enemy.

Sprite art: BettyxMe | Description: Damien