Frozen Egg

Frozen Egg
Name: unnamed
Species: Golden Aculeus
Birthday: Monday, October 31, 2011
Owner: NepetaLeijon

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This tiny honeycomb may look edible, but there seems to be something inside of it...

Aculeusi are renowned for the sweet golden honey they produce. Unlike that of other aculeusi, this honey is imbued with healing properities, and those who consume it heal faster and rarely become ill. One of the castle's many aculeusi caretakers likes to tell a tale of an ancient queen who used to eat this honey with every meal, and even bath in it. The woman was terrified of growing old, and tried desperately to remain young. She used vast quantities of the honey in a veign attempt to become immortal. Although the beautiful woman commanded many warlocks to create a potion for her to escape death, she could not halt the march of time. No death defying potion has ever been brewed, but this honey does help heal broken bones, and cure many illnesses. Naturally, this makes it rather valuable and expensive. The Keep often sells it to far away customers, and uses the money to pay for what food is needed from nearby villages. Wax is also collected from the hives, as the aculeusi produce superior wax that weatherproofs wood and lasts for many years. The aculeusi seem not to mind any of this; indeed, they are very content with their lives in The Keep. There are quite a few magi who find these companions fascinating, and it is these scholars who care for them. Though a magi can have only one of these insects as their companion, aculeusi live in groups, and become despondent without the company of others. There can be anywhere from ten to fifty thousand aculeusi living in a single hive, centered around their queen. These aculeusi leave every day to collect the pollen from hundreds of flowers, then return to the hive. The most affection their human companions will ever experience is when their aculeus buzzes around their head for a while, before resuming its work.

Sprite art: GlassWalker | Description: Damien