Frozen Female Hatchling

Frozen Female Hatchling
Name: unnamed
Species: Skioros
Birthday: Saturday, November 20, 2010
Owner: Danafox

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Stage Progress: 1.17%
Overall Progress: 56.00%

Born without sight or teeth, skioros hatchlings depend on their magi for everything during their first weeks. If without a mother, it is necessary to feed them every few hours, with a special needle designed for this purpose. At first they will only drink milk, but as they grow bigger they widen their diet to include nuts and berries. Their particular favorites are berries, and you bring your little one many. Soon enough, though, these hatchlings are capable of finding their own meals and are busy exploring the castle. They have insatiable curiosities, and will investigate every inch of a place, which can become a bit annoying. The potion classrooms have had to be locked when not in use, as there are dangerous ingredients that a baby skioros should not consume. It's best to find other young skioros for your companion to socialize with, lest it gets in too much trouble. When they grow tired of play, a skioros hatchling will usually seek you out and rest nearby. They rest in nests that you have made out of soft cloth, but never seem to truly go to sleep.

Easily one of the most hyperactive of companions, skioros are always rushing about The Keep, gathering various nuts and berries. They secret their food away to eat during the winter, and their burrows are almost impossible to spot. You can tell if you are approaching such a burrow, though, for a skioros will chatter at you angrily and perhaps throw acorns if you venture too close. They are also very protective of their nests, especially if there are eggs or young inside. Your own companion is friendly towards you, chattering a greeting at you and urging you to come help look for food. These creatures can usually be found in the woods, where there are many nuts and berries for them to forage for. This is encouraged, as The Keep's garden can not suffice as the main source of food for all animals. Skioros seem to enjoy searching for food, though, climbing and hunting everywhere, seeming never to grow tired. It is easy to determine these magi companions from other squirrels due to their size and intelligence. They are slightly larger than their wild cousins, and will watch and follow any magi that show interest in them. While all hatchlings are brown, as they age their color changes. The males become light brown, while the females have darker coloring.

Sprite art: Niwer | Description: Damien