Adult Male

Adult Male
Name: unnamed
Species: Forest Tylluan
Birthday: Saturday, November 6, 2010
Owner: Danafox

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As it ages, a hatchling will molt and grow new feathers. These feathers keep them perfectly dry and warm, and allow them silent flight. Hatchlings learn to fly from their elders, though as soon as they are capable of flight they embark alone. Forest tylluans are solitary creatures, and other than the company of their magi companions, prefer solitude when fully grown. When first outside of their egg, tylluan hatchlings are small things, with fluffy feathers that eventually darken. The males of this species have light brown coloring, making it easy to blend in among the trees. Females have slightly cooler coloring, though their eyes have a more reddish tint. These color variations begin to show as the hatchling ages. So too grows their magic; these creatures love to join magi at spell casting, looking on curiously. The more difficult and rare the magic, the greater their interest is. Sometimes it seems to you that they are actually learning, absorbing the information. For what purpose, you cannot imagine. There are some magi more curious about the black arts than others, and these magi tend to have these birds as companions. Although there is no proof of forest tylluans having anything magical to do with death, a few magi believe these creatures have special powers.

Beautiful though they are, tylluans are not very liked among magi. Nocturnal creatures tend to be more vicious and prone to violence, and these birds are no exception. Scattered bones can be seen around their homes, and they take great pleasure in frightening people. They live in hollowed out trees, and if they see someone walking past in the dark, will swoop out and pretend to attack. They can be totally silent in flight if that is what they wish. Their eyes glow in the darkness, and their hunting call is quite chilling. The only person that forest tylluans are genuinely affectionate to is their human companion, hence their lack of popularity among humans. There are also vague accounts of how these birds are capable of stealing souls, though magi are not foolish enough to believe these ancient myths. Still, there is something odd about these creatures... their wide, knowing eyes follow those are sick with great interest, as if waiting... If someone is ill, a tylluan will hover nearby, and often have to be removed. Villagers are quite frightened of these creatures, claiming they are harbingers of death. Sometimes your companion leaves for a few days, flying away in a perfectly straight line. These times occur when your companion looks more tired than usual, feathers somewhat bedraggled. The creature always returns looking well rested, and is noticeably faster and full of energy. You have no idea what transpires during the animal's absence, as all attempts at tracking it have failed.

Sprite art: Niwer/GlassWalker | Description: Damien