Female Hatchling

Female Hatchling
Name: unnamed
Species: Light Gemhog
Birthday: Friday, April 30, 2010
Owner: triforce

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Stage Progress: 39.14%
Overall Progress: 61.33%

Gemhog hatchlings spend most of the day sleeping, and are known as one of the less active companions a magi can have. These younglings are most common during the springtime, and many can be found around The Keep. Magi companions of gemhogs bring their hatchlings with them wherever they go, as gemhog young are quiet and easy to care for. A companion of a gemhog will usually have one of these younglings curled up tin their pocket, fast asleep. To protect themselves while unconscious, they roll into balls, their crystals facing outwards, and it is quite impossible to wake them up. Once awake, though, gemhogs busy themselves with eating everything they can find before falling back asleep, often mid-bite.

Many legends surround the gemhog. Commoners believe these creatures to be living gemstones, pieces of fallen stars - divine messengers announcing the arrival of spring. Whatever the truth may be, when spring comes to The Keep once more, the great gemhog migration begins. Gemhogs from all over the world travel back to the place where they were born, unerringly finding their way. There, these creatures gather in great numbers. After some time, they begin to form pairs. On the night of the equinox, the crystals on their backs are all beginning to glow, forming a beautiful pattern of hundreds of blue and golden lights, as if the very stars have descended to earth. It is said that they do this to greet the spring, and many believe that should the gemhogs ever fail to gather and glow on the night of the equinox, spring will not return. Magi like to attend these gatherings, not only for the spectacle, but also because the next day, precious gemhog eggs can be dug up from the ground.

Sprite art: BettyxMe | Description: Morgaln/Damien