Frozen Egg

Frozen Egg
Name: unnamed
Species: Chimera
Birthday: Thursday, April 1, 2010
Owner: Ruinily
Mother: Leonaix
Father: Mylenko

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Stage Progress: 2.57%
Overall Progress: 1.22%

Several colors merge seamlessly on this egg.

Such beasts as these come in many shapes and forms, and are the results of magical mingling. Dark sorcerers took it into their own hands to create these creatures, shaping them into powerful companions. The most common chimeras have wings, and two heads, but endless varieties exist. Some of these beings are less pleasant than others, but all are composed of several animals. Twisted together, these new animals hold powers from both races. Born from magic, they have amazing prowess with powers, heightening any spell. They usually reside with their masters, assisting them in their work. Occasionally one can be seen, either on a mission or having decided to make their own way in the world. They get along particularly well with gryphons and manticores, perhaps feeling a common bond in coming from two species. These eggs come into being from their parent's magic, and are granted to those students of magic deemed worthy in the eyes of the chimera. As such, both dark and light magi possess such creatures.

Sprite art: Niwer | Description: Damien