Adult Female

Adult Female
Name: Wisdom
Species: Arkai
Birthday: Friday, January 1, 2010
Owner: Jadeunicorn
This creature can breed 1 more time.

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Element: Light An icon depicting the element Light

By the time an arkai has reached adulthood, it has fully grown into its powers. These birds have mastered the element of light, and indeed at times veritably shine with it. Once a year they gather to mate, and the sky is brightened with their ritual dances. The eggs are easy enough to find, their glows acting like beacons, visible from miles away. Because of this, adults guard their nests constantly. They are not easy to defeat, being capable of conjuring bolts of lightning. These powers deplete the arkai, though, making them more susceptible to attack. Arkai gain their energy from the sun itself, needing no more sustenance than its rays. They appear somewhat reptilian in nature, being distant cousins of quetzalcoatls. The males have dark blue coloring, while the females are a deep purple. Both bear stunning feathers, the females a brilliant green and the males a fiery variation.

Arkai birds are named so because of their resemblance to the magical lights that Arkai magi create. These magi use their skills to create dazzling displays known as firelights. The order of the Arkai believe light holds the secrets of the universe, and they have dedicated their lives to this element. Their chosen companions are the arkai birds, beautiful creatures that assist them in their work. Arkai birds do not have many enemies, for the ability to produce explosions that devastate the landscape is all the protection they have need of. They are found south of Voltar, where the land is too hot for most creatures to survive. At night they show up against the dark sky, their feathers bright against the blackness. They seem to shine from within, and it is apparent where their name came from.

Sprite art: Rijolt | Description: Damien