Frozen Male Hatchling

Frozen Male Hatchling
Name: Emmet
Species: Isolerix Mantis
Birthday: Tuesday, July 9, 2024
Owner: Demonshocky

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Stage Progress: 2.06%
Overall Progress: 51.03%

Element: Neutral An icon depicting the element Neutral

Isolerix mantis hatchlings are wide-eyed creatures always appearing to stand in awkward positions. They will move as if controlled by an amateur puppeteer, with a sudden change in poses. This amuses you to no end and more often than not you end up laughing uncontrollably for who knows how long. Your hatchling seems to be pleased about this and will continue to move in this manner whenever it considers you have been serious for too long. While it does appreciate receiving treats, the isolerix mantis hatchling is quite independent. It likes to venture around the Keep in search of small insects and flowers to munch on and will return to you only after being satiated.

Commonly known for their brightly colored bodies, the isolerix mantises are comical creatures. Unlike others of their kind, they have no interest in great hunts or finding perfect mates. Instead, they get their joy from amusing people. Although not as funny as one would think, the isolerix mantises possess an odd magic that forces people to laugh for no reason. No one can keep a straight face when one of these creatures is around and most of the time they team up in small numbers to make things even worse. They climb on anything they deem stable enough, sometimes even on top of each other, and strike awkward poses. It is only a matter of time until their magic takes effect and everyone starts laughing.

Sprite art: Mysfytt (hatchling) | Description: Real