Adult Female

Adult Female
Name: unnamed
Species: Rederan Spider
Birthday: Tuesday, July 9, 2024
Owner: bigeagle

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Stage Progress: 100%
Overall Progress: 100%

Element: Neutral An icon depicting the element Neutral

Found only in the abandoned town of Rederan, these spiders are difficult to find as they blend into the red, shimmering sands almost perfectly. While they are able to spin webs, they prefer to stay on the ground, constructing burrows with trap doors on top to catch its prey. Living in the desert, their venom is extremely potent, all the better to capture and disable prey quickly. Magis do well to avoid them if they can as their venom is able kill a fully grown magi within a few moments without proper care. Any magi who stays in the village overnight should always check their clothing, sleeping bags and most of all, their shoes, as these spiders have a tendency to hide in those places. Rarely, a spider will gift a magi an egg. If a magi is searching for these spiders in particular, it is best to hunt them at night as they tend to leave their burrows more often. However, at night, their colors change, making them difficult to spot in the dark. While most creatures avoid them, they do have a few natural predators. The native scorpions are immune to the venom and will seek these spiders out for a quick meal. Rederan spiders seem to have a high intelligence level, almost as if they can understand magis and have even been witnessed to tap the ground as if trying to communicate. In captivity they will sometimes stare out at their magi. Adult rederans raised by a magi are able to be handled freely with no need to worry. Those who study healing may have a few rederan spiders on hand as their venom, in small doses, can be used to sedate and relax magis.

Wandering the abandoned town of Rederan, you are struck by a sense of loneliness; you haven???t seen another magi in a few days and you suddenly realize just how alone you are here and you are quite happy to have your meldop companion with you. No one knows exactly what happened here in this village as whatever it was happened so long ago. There are many legends; some more plausible than others, and some myths you hope are not true, but only because of your safety. You really do not want to run into a bloodthirsty lichenthrope out here. You start to question why you even came here in the first place, maybe you should have gone to Voltar instead? A wind blows through the town kicking up red dust with it and a chill runs down your spine. It's getting late so you decide to set up camp. As night falls, the temperature drops. Huddled around the campfire you take in the night. A slight breeze carries the sounds of the desert, owls, cyons yipping and howling, with the occasional call from a phoenix. Every now and then you see a scorpion or spider scuttle about. You climb into your sleeping bag and drift off to sleep. Waking at the first rays of sun, you begin to gather your belongs. As you begin to slip on your shoe, you stop yourself and give the shoe a hard tap on the bottom. A large, red spider, falls out onto the ground. Staring at the spider, glad you did not make a foolish mistake, you note that it is a Rederan spider. Incredibly rare, they are found only here inside this village. One of the more unbelievable myths tell of a powerful magi who turned the Rederan inhabitants into these spiders in retaliation to being exiled for practicing dark magic. The spell used, not only left the villagers as these spiders, but also cursed the soil around the village, changing it red and making it unable to produce any crops. Looking at the spider, could that have once been a person? No, of course not. The spider looks up at you and then points a long, spindly leg towards your shoe. Grabbing it, you take a look inside and find a spider egg. Looking back up, the spider is gone.

Sprite art: Jrap17 (adult) | Description: Jrap17