Adult Male

Adult Male
Name: unnamed
Species: Tiexos Ixsu
Birthday: Monday, July 8, 2024
Owner: GuardianAnthony

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Element: Neutral An icon depicting the element Neutral

Adult tiexos ixsu are among the largest creatures in the world, and possibly one of the most easily recognizable, with their huge heads, massive bodies, and small forelimbs. Too large to live inside buildings, they are happiest in the lush tropical rainforests they originally came from, where they're surprisingly adept at hiding themselves despite their size. Adult ixsu are territorial and extremely protective of their mates and hatchlings, as well as their magi and even their magi's family. A mated ixsu pair can easily run off most other predators within their territory, especially as an adult ixsu must consume massive quantities of meat. Magi have found that ixsu consider goats a special treat, although it would take an entire herd to satisfy an ixsu's appetite. As adults, ixsu have complete control of their vocal power, able to use combinations of growls, croons, and outright roars as protection, in battle, and to control creatures around them. Their size means that they aren't very fast, but the length of their muscular legs still gives them an advantage in a chase. They're also much more intelligent than most magi realize, with an ability to sense - and use - low frequency sounds and a sensitive nose that allows them to detect prey from miles away.

Tiexos ixsu were thought to be extinct for many years, until an explorer brought back an unusual egg. They are still very rare even inside the rainforests they call home. Ixsu are sensitive to the cold and cannot be kept by any magi in a snowbound area, but they do occasionally venture into marshy areas or the desert while looking for food. Some magi claim that ixsu have an odd dislike of legal advocates, but this can't be proven as ixsu can't be kept in towns, castles, or any fenced-in area. Males and females differ in colouring and size; females are larger, brown, and sport a distinctive black stripe along their nose and jaw, while males are blue or blue-grey in colour. Most ixsu grow up to forty feet in length and 15-20 feet tall, but it's possible that they can grow even bigger in isolated areas like the heart of the rainforest. The ridges and horns on an ixsu's head and neck are used to tell specific tiexos ixsu apart by both magi and other ixsu; the size and pattern of the ridges is unique to each creature. Their ability to use sound to their advantage helps them in hunts and can be harnessed by their magi for use in battle - one ground-shaking roar from an ixsu is enough to send most opponents running, while their ability to use low-frequency crooning can hypnotize prey until it's too late.

Sprite art: Tekla (adult) | Description: Sochitelya