Adult Female

Adult Female
Name: unnamed the Happy Phantom
Family: the Happy Phantom
Generation: 3rd
Species: Cyathia Wyvern
Birthday: Monday, July 8, 2024
Owner: Fin
Mother: unnamed
Father: Geromino

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Stage Progress: 100%
Overall Progress: 100%

Element: Air/Light An icon depicting the element AirAn icon depicting the element Light

Strangely enough, the cyathia wyvern adults always make an appearance during the nights of winter festivities, no matter where these celebrations happen. Usually, when the wyverns arrive, all activities are forgotten, as no one wishes to miss the spectacle of cyathia wyverns flying through the air. The lights that reflect on their scales as they move give such beautiful and unique views that even the most talented painters cannot reproduce them. The wyvern adults take their time inspecting everything nearby, from trees to buildings, before heading to other places that might pique their interest. Although usually in the air, they sometimes come down to earth when their curiosity wins over caution. When this happens, they will approach those nearby eagerly, poking at things or chewing on fabrics. While it is hard to tell when they are in the air, most are surprised to notice the wyverns are smaller than originally thought. The tallest of them reach waist height, while the shortest barely reach one's knees. And while their translucent bodies give them a fragile look, their scales make them hardy creatures. They accept treats and pets alike, but those who approach them know better than to touch the poinsettia-like plants that grow on the wyverns' shoulders, as they might irritate the skin.

To find one of these beautiful creatures, one has to travel to the Everlight Crevasse, as they are endemic only to this region. With long bodies that sparkle in a mesmerizing array of colors, these types of wyverns are like no other. With power over both air and light, the cyathia wyverns are a strange sight to many eyes. Not only do they have a different shape from what most consider a standard wyvern, but their ability to turn invisible has many scratching their heads about what these wyverns are and aren't. The mysterious magic that affects the Everlight Crevasse might be the source of their powers over light since no other creature is able to reflect and refract the light as these wyverns do. As unnavigable as the crevasse is, the cyathia wyverns seem to know their way around better than any other creature. They fly gracefully, their powers over air allowing them to create wind eddies that help them cover long distances. To make these wyverns even stranger than they already are, they sometimes seem to appear on the coldest of winter nights all around the world, even if such a thing is technically impossible. They give the impression of auroras, moving silently in the air as they fly to unknown destinations. Magi have tried repeatedly to keep them as companions, but they cannot survive outside of the Everlight Crevasse, the wyverns becoming ill the longer they are away from their native lands.

Sprite art: Mysfytt (adult) | Description: Real