Adult Female

Adult Female
Name: unnamed
Species: Selenic Crystalwing
Birthday: Monday, May 13, 2024
Owner: bigeagle

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Element: Light An icon depicting the element Light

The mysterious selenic crystalwings land only when they lay their eggs; otherwise, they spend their entire lives in the air. With three powerful pair of wings, the selenic crystalwings will remain airborne even when asleep. They never tire of flying, and they become more graceful in the air as they age. When they fly high - higher than the mountain tops - they become part of the night sky, shining like stars. As parents, they are exceedingly loving with their young, to the point of pampering the little hatchlings. They dedicate their entire time to raising their offspring, feeding, grooming, and teaching the young ones different flight techniques. The adults find new mates every so often, and they rarely care about the gender of their partners. As long as the moonlight shines over them, they feel content with the things they have.

According to experts, the true beauty of a selenic crystalwing can only be seen during the nights with a full moon. They are exquisite creatures, the light shining from their gems as soft as the moonlight, and those sitting in their light usually feel at ease or self-fulfilled. The selenic crystalwings are benevolent and seek to help those in need, calming them with their moonlight. Agile flyers and perfect parents, the selenic crystalwings are a delight to be around, even if they are always in the air. They offer guidance when the night is moonless and a feeling of safety when no one else is around. And most importantly, they always keep an eye on those traveling by night, keeping them safe from unknown dangers. The selenic crystalwings reach maturity only when the moon is full, and their eggs hatch only when the moon is new - some legends saying these creatures need the moon's blessing before they can begin a new stage in their life.

Sprite art: Xenomorph/Lazuli (adult) | Description: Real