Name: unnamed
Species: Aer Hyalus Rana
Birthday: Wednesday, April 10, 2024
Owner: TormentParade

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Stage Progress: 95.94%
Overall Progress: 47.97%

Element: Air An icon depicting the element Air

A faint white aura reflects through this otherwise transparent egg.

The aer hyalus rana is a mostly terrestrial creature, active during twilight. With its glass-like body and almost transparent skin, spotting one can be difficult. It blends with the ground around it in an almost perfect way. If it wasn't for the faint magical aura that surrounds its body, the hyalus rana would be almost invisible. The rana is beneficial for its habitat. It cleanses it of all negative energies as well as of damaging elements. Using its air magic, the aer hyalus rana gives off a faintly sparkling white aura that purifies the air of all pollution. This aura is known as the aura of purity. Although its magic does not affect sentient beings, the rana is considered a holy creature for its ability to cleanse even the most polluted spaces. The rana's magic is not limitless, however. It can only cleanse a small space before having to recharge its energy. It is often kept as a companion for its useful magic; however, a proper environment and suitable company are needed to keep the rana happy.

Sprite art: Mysfytt (egg) | Description: Real