Female Hatchling

Female Hatchling
Name: unnamed
Species: Royal Squilla
Birthday: Monday, April 1, 2024
Owner: TormentParade

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Stage Progress: 85.96%
Overall Progress: 92.75%

Element: Water An icon depicting the element Water

Young royal squillas are not able to create more than small bubbles of water. They will move them around, make them bigger or smaller, sometimes even stack them on top of each other. But other than that, the young squillas cannot animate water more. Some will try and fail to shape the water into different forms. Sometimes the bubbles will resemble some misshaped creature only to revert to a spherical form in the blink of an eye. This would appear to be annoying to the young squillas. However, they take joy from simply creating water bubbles and are extremely perseverent in doing so. On good days, a magi's squilla hatchling would sit in its tank, practicing changing the water's shape; on bad days, the squilla will lob small spheres of water into the air and let them crash all around its surroundings. The squilla is happy when this happens. The magi is not.

The royal squillas have a docile behavior no matter if in the wild or if kept as companions. It is uncertain when these creatures came into being, and many believe they are as old as the seas. However, it is known they were kept as pets by the royal families in the old times. Nowadays, magi and entertainers alike are fond of the royal squillas. Their beautiful coloring is pleasant to the eye, and so is their magic. Although most frown upon the idea of having creatures in the hands of show makers, the royal squillas love to perform. They adore nothing more than to animate water for the simple purpose of bringing smiles to people's faces. The squillas shape masses of water into different things resembling objects, creatures, and even people. A group of well-trained royal squillas can put into stage even a short play with the animated water. They also appear to have long-term memory and can reproduce short scenes hundreds of times flawlessly. They tend to get bored of having to repeat something too many times, though. Letting them animate water as they see fit is preferred.

Sprite art: Borealum (hatchling) | Description: Real