Male Hatchling

Male Hatchling
Name: unnamed
Species: Arcanum Serpaen
Birthday: Saturday, February 10, 2024
Owner: Nobody

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Stage Progress: 24.58%
Overall Progress: 62.29%

Element: Earth/Fire An icon depicting the element EarthAn icon depicting the element Fire

It is important to socialize these creatures, lest they become too aggressive and solitary. Serpaen hatchlings attach to their magi very easily, but remain wary of all others. Though these deep friendships with their magi are sweet to see, these companions can be too protective at times. The best way to ensure their friendliness is to carry them around for a day and expose them to different creatures. Serpaen hatchlings are quite small when first born, and wind comfortably around an arm or neck. Come winter, though, they are nowhere to be seen; serpaens abhor the cold, and spend the winter months buried in sand or rich forest soil, which is kept warm with a few spells.

Despite their fierce appearances, serpaens are loyal, friendly companions. They bond closely with their magi, and will guard them against any threat. There are many accounts of these companions endangering themselves in order to save others lives, especially those of children. While this makes these serpaens excellent company when exploring to the south, they do not care for the castle. Instead, they remain below ground. Most of them prefer to dwell in one of the several deserts that have been magically created for them. Others choose different soil, closer to the forest. Though these serpaens are not often seen above ground, they will lounge around in the summer, soaking up the sun. They despise the rainy seasons, and months sometimes go by when they are not sighted. Serpaens travel through sand and soil with the same ease as a fish moves through water. It is thought that they prey upon whatever creatures they find below the earth, and surface from time to time for other sustenance. Sometimes these companions produce small flames, charring their food. These flames, while not large, burn hot enough to melt sand and form glass. This glass is full of bubbles, and considered very beautiful. A few magi extensively study serpaens, and have found evidence that these companions form large chambers with this glass, with small tunnels providing air.

Sprite art: GlassWalker | Description: Damien