Female Hatchling

Female Hatchling
Name: unnamed
Species: Raza Loong
Birthday: Monday, November 20, 2023
Owner: Munin

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Stage Progress: 1.60%
Overall Progress: 50.80%

Element: Fire/Air An icon depicting the element FireAn icon depicting the element Air

Many are disappointed when the loong eggs hatch as the hatchlings have the size of a worm. People expect dragons to be mighty, but the loong hatchlings are anything but that. They look like fragile noodles, the difference being that they are colorful and float. The hatchlings grow fast and reach the size of a cat in less than a week. They are active and cheerful, playing small tricks on people by burning leaves or soaking clothes. Fortunately, they are easy to train, and soon enough, a silly dragon hatchling turns into a faithful companion that is ready to help with daily tasks. The razan loongs love to melt wax and will wait patiently by scholars' desks for them to send official messages. The nareaun loongs are helpful in the kitchen, where they create small waves and make washing dishes an easier task. The loong hatchlings feel more comfortable at the Keep as no creatures will prey on them there.

The loong are part of the dragon family but are small for their kind - probably one of the smallest species of dragons. They are somewhat bigger than the gemdragons but not considered pygmies. They float all the time, even when asleep or while ill, and no one has ever seen a loong touch ground. The dragons have no wings, but their bodies are so light that even the softest breeze would blow them away if they had no control over air. Raza loongs live in the forests at the base of dormant volcanoes or in the mountains, with their green bodies helping them camouflage. They eat large insects and catch them by spitting small balls of fire towards them. The nareaun loongs live near waterfalls and in the rivers, hiding in the mist created by the water. They feed on small fish and catch them by creating small whirlpools. Both kinds of loongs are friendly, and they spend plenty of time at the Keep, where they help with daily activities. However, they stay away from large creatures as the loongs' small size can make them easy prey.

Sprite art: Mysfytt | Description: Real