Adult Female

Adult Female
Name: unnamed of Clan Brujah
Family: of Clan Brujah
Generation: 9th
Species: Hellhound
Birthday: Sunday, November 19, 2023
Owner: CinnaminDraconna
Mother: Queen Thyra
Father: Master Blood Draconna

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Stage Progress: 100%
Overall Progress: 100%

Element: Fire An icon depicting the element Fire

When a hellhound reaches adulthood, they grow into their coloring fully, and resemble nothing more than beautiful blazes of fire. When experiencing strong emotions, they literally burst into flame, making any enemy think twice about battling them. Hellhounds are swift and cunning, and love any adventures that brings them to warmer lands. They grow melancholy in winter, so it is common for a magi to send away their faithful hellhound to hotter areas, just for the cold months. Hellhounds are most formidable in the summer, when they are able to take energy from the sun itself. When fully grown, their control over their powers strengthen, until they are able to start bonfires from far distances. If partnered with a fire magi, a hellhound can boost the strength of their human companion, making the pair a powerful force. Even when a hellhounds companion is not a fire wielder, the two can form powerful spells – for example, a hellhound and a water magi can produce burning steam.

Hellhounds are, as apparent from their appearances, demonic in nature. Brought forth from another world by a dark magi, they are difficult to tame, being naturally vicious. All attempts to send them back have failed, so magi have begun to make companions of them, hoping to gentle their instincts. Hellhounds have coloring that hints of their power; warm, with the colors of flame; red, orange, and yellow. These dangerous canines possess small, wickedly sharp horns. Hellhounds live only in extremely warm climates, and prefer to reside by volcanoes and in tropical locations. Occasionally they can be seen in deserts, as they thrive in and seek out sweltering climates. Like their name indicates, hellhounds are hot to the touch, and wield dangerous powers over the element fire. When raised from pups, they make loyal companions, particularly to fire magi. Despite their loyalty, they can become wildly violent when even slightly angered, and are loyal only to their master. Hellhounds will become enraged at the sight of any ice creature, and must be kept separate from them, lest their natures cause them to fight. The hellhound is a powerful ally, always welcome in The Keep when under control.

Sprite art: Rijolt/GlassWalker | Description: Damien