Male Hatchling

Male Hatchling
Name: unnamed
Species: Spotted Holly Jackalope
Birthday: Saturday, March 18, 2023
Owner: Wolf24
Mother: Hawkla Coal
Father: Saris Whitethorn

Stage Progress: 9.61%
Overall Progress: 58.28%

When they first hatch, holly jackalopes are furless and blind, and should not be moved much. Special bottles are used to feed them rich milk, and within a few days, these kits are able to see and are covered in soft fur. In another few days the little ones are full of energy, seeking out other hatchlings to play with. These games take place all day long, and it seems as if holly jackalopes never run out of energy. But run out they do, and it's anyone's guess as to where they'll fall asleep. Though there are designated burrows for holly jackalopes, these hatchlings randomly choose a place and slip into slumber. It can be irritating to hunt them down, so most magi just leave them be, wherever they are. If one truly wants to find their holly jackalope hatchling, they can usually be found snuggling with other hatchlings. These kits are extremely affectionate and loving towards all creatures, so it's necessary to check everywhere - including dragon's nests and other unlikely places.

While there are many rabbits around the castle, none are quite as sweet as the holly jackalopes. These companions make friendships very easily, even with more aggressive creatures, and spread good cheer wherever they go. It is thought that this talent is a magical one, stemming from the plants that grow from their fur. While holly is usually toxic to humans, this type is not at all dangerous, and is often used in tonics to help those who are grieving or unusually sad. Though holly jackalopes are not tricky animals by nature, there have been incidents where holly has been slipped into the meals of grumpy people. The effect is always a positive one. These creatures are popular pets throughout the world, and treated quite well. Like other companions, holly jackalopes are free to go wherever they choose, but they seem reluctant to wander far from their home, perhaps because they are treated so well, with plenty of carrots to nibble on. Their fur is carefully combed and collected every day, and spun into expensive yarns. Holly jackalopes have supremely soft and beautiful coats, but these animals are never hunted. They don't even get preyed upon in the wild. It is fortunate that they do not share the same reproductive rates as their cousins, lest the world be overcome by jackalopes. Some people think that holly jackalopes are an integral part of the winter solstice, and are responsible for everyone's good mood. Whether or not this is true, these companions do seem most happy around this time of the year.

Sprite art: Cassowary | Description: Damien