Name: unnamed
Species: Yellow Rose Imp
Birthday: Saturday, March 18, 2023
Owner: Dragonmouse23

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Stage Progress: 64.71%
Overall Progress: 30.74%

This dark green egg has sharp thorns emerging from it.

Years of solitude have allowed these creatures to adapt extremely well to their environment, and as such these creatures exist in several different color variations. Just like the beautiful roses in which they make their homes, these imps are either rich red, pink, yellow or pure white with spots and horns. Although they are rather small, even in adulthood, they are formidable little beasts. Sharp teeth and claws can easily pierce skin, and their fast speeds make them difficult to catch. This also allows these imps to catch the bugs and insects that comprise their diet, which these imps quickly devour. The roses they live among also provide them with food, as well as shelter, and their six limbs make the speed at which they consume flower petals quite impressive.

Sprite art: Rijolt/GlassWalker | Description: Damien