Name: unnamed
Species: Anaugi
Birthday: Saturday, March 18, 2023
Owner: evmspino

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Stage Progress: 99.30%
Overall Progress: 45.24%

Almost burning your hands, this perfectly spherical egg emanates heat.

Anaugi are beautiful creatures, known for their indestructible scales that change colors. Although usually warm tones, anaugi slowly turn brilliant greens or blues when calling on their powers. They are strong in fire magic, and often pair with magi who are powerful in the same art. Magi specialized in fire are known to have short tempers, and these lizards share that characteristic. They are proud creatures, easily slighted and aloof towards anyone except their magi, whom they are exceptionally loyal to. They surrender their dignity when it comes to human companions, and can usually be enticed into a lap with fruit. Anaugi enjoy exotic fruits, especially from their home, Raza, but they eat mostly leaves. As with most adults, they forage for their own food and can often be seen slowly wrecking someone's hard work in the castle gardens.

Sprite art: BettyxMe | Description: Damien