Name: unnamed
Species: Mist Stalker
Birthday: Friday, March 17, 2023
Owner: Oberon

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Stage Progress: 90.99%
Overall Progress: 42.46%

A mist surrounds this egg, making it difficult to see.

Legend says that if you can see a mist stalker, it is already too late for you. These jungle cats are masters of stealth, traveling through both heavy brush and vine-laden treetops with ease. Their greenish-gray coats and dark spots blend perfectly with their habitat, making them difficult to spot even when moving. But their greatest skill is the ability to dissolve into mist at will, allowing them to approach prey or escape danger undetected. While they cannot maintain the mist form for long, it guarantees they always have the upper hand. These large cats are one of the most dangerous creatures in the forest, and have a long-standing rivalry with telvian panthers. The two battle for territory almost constantly, neither ever gaining the upper hand for long. It is best to journey into the jungle with a mist stalker as companion, lest you never make it out again.

Sprite art: GlassWalker | Description: Myrin