Adult Male

Adult Male
Name: unnamed
Species: Alvean Lossus
Birthday: Tuesday, March 14, 2023
Owner: Poppyk

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Stage Progress: 100%
Overall Progress: 100%

After a while your quite helpless hatchling has grown into a hardy and industriously curious creature. The lossus is interested in everything you do and protests with little grumbles and huffs if you don't include it in your activities. Your lossus enjoys digging through the garden, an activity that your fellow magi aren't quite s enthusiastic about.

The lossus is a timid creature and only the most patient magi has any hope of catching a glimpse of a wild one. They live on the rocky plains in Alveus digging through the magic-scarred earth looking for things to eat, and healthier earth to make their nest in. The Alveans tell stories of a creature rarely seen that was thought to be born from the earth itself to mark that it is healed.

Sprite art: Mysfytt | Description: Rosehill