Male Hatchling

Male Hatchling
Name: unnamed
Species: Hummingbirds
Birthday: Tuesday, January 24, 2023
Owner: Raincloud

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Hummingbird hatchlings are notoriously difficult to take care of. They are some of the most hyper younglings to live at The Keep, and even when you can see them, they are far too fast to catch. It doesn't help that they are always born in pairs, making it even harder to keep track of them. They spend the day playing amongst themselves and following the adults, learning to feed. Springtime is when these hatchlings are born, and their chatter keeps the castle lively all day. In the winter, when most flowers die away, hummingbird younglings follow their elders to the south, where the warmer weather allows them to grow up more comfortably. If one of these birds remains at The Keep for one reason or another, the nectar that they drink must be supplied constantly. Hatchlings in particular spend much of the day feeding, as they drink their weight in liquid. The gardens of the castle burst with flowers for their meals, and the scent is lovely in the spring. If one is unable to find their hummingbird hatchling, it is a good bet that they are among the flowers there. If someone remains perfectly silent, they may be able to detect a slight buzzing, which they can use to detect their youngling. It is for this humming, caused by their wings, that they are named.

Hummingbirds are beautiful little creatures that easily fit in the palm of one's hand, even when fully grown. Their bones are unique in that they are hollow, allowing them to fly at incredible speeds. These birds use this ability to fly so fast that they become invisible to most people. It is for this skill that hummingbirds are most helpful on adventures where secrecy is required. They are also incredibly agile, and are the only birds who are known to be able to hover in air and also move backwards. In the wild, hummingbirds are found in the jungle, where they are not easy prey, and to the south, where weather is mild enough for them to survive. Their pink coloring allows them to blend in among the bright flowers when they rest, though one bird is always alert. Finding one of their eggs is hard to do, among the thousands of flowers where they make their homes. It is usually a magi who is known to be sweet and kind who finds one of these eggs, or else is lead there by an adult bird. It is easy enough to tell the gender of one of these birds, for the two look different. Males of this species are the ones who boast the brighter colors, vibrant pinks that help them to attract mates. Females are darker in color, and even slighter in size. These birds are the only creatures known to bear young in pairs, and the twins remain together for their entire lives. Separation is extremely painful for them, and should never be considered.

Sprite art: BettyxMe | Description: Damien