Frozen Male Hatchling

Frozen Male Hatchling
Name: unnamed
Species: Jade Yagua
Birthday: Monday, January 23, 2023
Owner: zylle

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Stage Progress: 9.89%
Overall Progress: 54.95%

Those who own jade yagua hatchlings know not to disturb them if they sleep. The hatchlings are grumpy at best when awake, so rousing a yagua can lead to many scratches and bite marks. Not even treats can calm these creatures if angered. If hatchlings sleep in places they should not be, they should be left to wake up on their own. With strong personalities, it is hard to convince yagua hatchlings to guard something other than they desire. The hatchlings choose spots they wish to guard and remain there for many hours until they get bored and move to a different location. This behavior can be troublesome in some situations, especially if the hatchlings decide to protect doorways between two rooms at all costs. The risk of being scratched is high, so taking alternative routes is preferred. Training needs to start from the very moment the yagua hatchlings hatch, or they will misbehave and attack everyone nearby if they feel the place they guard is threatened in any way.

Although not made out of jade, the yaguas have green fur and an elegant posture, making them look like jade statues. They are the perfect creatures in terms of guarding one's household. While they form shallow bonds with those who own them, the yaguas become devoted to the places they have to protect. They will even guard a location at the cost of their lives if necessary. The yaguas feed on their own, so if anyone wants to adopt some of these guardians, they should consider getting a pair. The yaguas are so dedicated to protecting a place they would rather starve to death than leave their station. When working in pairs, one yagua will hunt while the other remains at its post. It would take a life-long bond with its human companion and plenty of convincing to take a yagua along if its owner moves to a different place. In most occasions, the yagua is left behind, defending the building until the end of its days, slowly getting accustomed to newcomers as time passes. Even if rare, there are stories of yaguas protecting old ruins until nothing is left to guard.

Sprite art: Mysfytt | Description: Real