Female Hatchling

Female Hatchling
Name: unnamed
Species: Kericalla Bat
Birthday: Monday, January 23, 2023
Owner: Raincloud

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Stage Progress: 84.24%
Overall Progress: 92.12%

A trip to the Callisto Islands is always a treat, and this time you are staying with the family of a fellow magi. Like most islander families they tend to the needs of a family of kericalla bats, and on your first day you were gifted with an egg. Now it is ready to hatch, and you have prepared a small gourd for it, lining it with soft, fragrant grasses and a sprig of tiny orchid blooms. A sharp crack, a indignant squeal, and you find yourself peering down at a curious little bat. You hold out your hand to your new friend and smile as it claws its way onto your palm and spreads out its wings to dry. It cannot fly just yet, but you can already see the beginnings of brilliant orange markings on those impossibly delicate wings.

Natives to the Callisto Islands, kericalla bats are found in every village. They are small, barely the size of your palm, and their delicate wings are streaked with brightly glowing orange stripes. Kericalla bats are revered by the islanders as guardians against the vengeful ghosts of those who died from sickness and fever. The islanders grow large calabash gourds that they dry and fashion into roosts and nests for the kericallas. The bats then decorate their nests with dried flowers, leaves, and even tiny seashells. After the evening meal, many families will light tiny lanterns and place them near the kericalla nests in order to attract moths and other insects for the bats to feast upon. During family gatherings and feasts, it is not uncommon to see a kericalla fluttering around an open door, waiting for someone to catch an annoying cricket or fly.

Sprite art: Mysfytt | Description: ShaiNeko