Adult Male

Adult Male
Name: unnamed Taraxacum
Family: Taraxacum
Generation: 1st
Species: Dandylion
Birthday: Sunday, January 22, 2023
Owner: Fin
Mother: Goldblum
Father: Loewenzahn

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Stage Progress: 100%
Overall Progress: 100%

Adult dandylions easily fit in one's hand, the place they like to sit on the most. No matter what their magi friend is doing, if a dandylion is in the mood for socializing, all must be put on pause so the little creature can spend a few moments sitting on a palm. The dandylions adore to be scratched behind the ears, and they will playfully gnaw on fingers if the petting stops. When not around their human companions, the dandylions hide in the grass, swaying their tails on the warm breeze. The flowers that make the tip of their tails are used as decoys for unaware targets. As soon as anyone tries to pluck them, the dandylions will make a fool of themselves, jumping and growling, a delightful scene for those who watch. They enjoy nothing else as much as pranking people and creatures. The little scare that comes from someone discovering that their tails are not natural plants brings them infinite joy.

Magis of the Herbalist guild are known for their seriousness and practical nature. However, they sometimes enjoy trying new things with nature magic, and their latest experiments led to the creation of the dandylions. Breeding a lion with a dandelion is not possible, yet they managed to do the very thing. It is impressive that they managed such a feat, and they refuse to disclose their secret on how they created these creatures. Small and cheerful, the dandylions appear to be delighted in approaching any and all. Their feline bodies are covered in soft, green fur, with leaves sprouting here and there. The males have yellow petals around their heads that form small manes. Aside from their unique looks, the dandylions are known to love playing pranks. With infinite patience, these creatures hide and wait in tall grass, with their tails poking through the blades. The tips of their tails give the impression of real flowers. As soon as anyone tries to pluck the flowers, the tiny felines will jump from their cover, growling at their assailants. The display is as cute as it can be, as their size can hardly make these creatures dangerous. Even if people avoid gardens that contain dandylions, they will sooner or later meet such a creature as the Herbalist guild members have the habit of leaving dandylions in small pots on doorsteps when the pranking days arrive.

Sprite art: Mysfytt | Description: Real