Adult Female

Adult Female
Name: unnamed
Species: Deiaurnox
Birthday: Thursday, December 22, 2022
Owner: Wildheart2896

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An adult deiaurnox can play an important role in cold climates. Light deiaurnox are often sent to stand guard at dangerous areas or will protect a wounded traveler until help can arrive, as their red markings clearly signal a problem. Dark deiaurnox are used more often in night searches that can cover large areas, their markings lighting the way. When not helping magi, deiaurnox adults often roam around their territory - whether that's a patch of land they've claimed in the wild, or their magi's property - inspecting anything interesting for food, entertainment, or decorations they can nab. A deiaurnox's den is usually full of tinsel used as bedding and nothing makes all three heads happier than throwing a bell back and forth to make it ring.

Playful deiaurnox are happiest during the winter months, when festivals span the world celebrating the end of the year and the coming of a new one. They especially enjoy all the decorations that magi put up, and will happily steal shiny baubles and glittering garlands to wrap around themselves. Though each of their three heads has its own personality, they work well in sync - much to the detriment of the Keep's winter ornamentation. Deiaurnox are so happy with their new toys, however, that few magi can muster any real anger at their antics. Beyond their love for decorations, deiaurnox are courageous companions often used to search for stranded travelers in snowy areas, as their coloured markings emanate light.

Sprite art: Xenomorph/Lazuli | Description: Sochitelya