Adult Male

Adult Male
Name: Link From The Plains
Family: From The Plains
Generation: Progenitor
Species: Nareaun Quetzalcoatl
Birthday: Sunday, October 18, 2009
Owner: Zander
Mother: Astraea
Father: Alskare

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Stage Progress: 100%
Overall Progress: 100%

Whenever you think of quetzalcoatls, you're reminded of an autumn day long gone. The air is crisp and cool, causing you to pull your woolen cloak closer around you. The narwhals are just beginning to leave, making their long slow way back to the islands for the winter. Trees around The Keep are clothed in festive colors, each one competing with the next. You look up at a sudden movement in the sky, expecting a leaf to be tumbling down from the tree you're sitting under, but instead see an interesting sight. Overhead a group of quetzalcoatls are traveling, their long tails making you imagine for a moment that the sky is the sea. They move above the land like swimmers, drifting gently in unseen currents. Dark orange and green markings make bold statements against the sky, but you have to strain your eyes to pick out the pearly Nareaun serpents. You watch until they pass out of sight before you stand, burying your hands in your pockets. Perhaps you'll stop by Remy's, and buy a glass of mulled cider to warm you.

Quetzalcoatls are winged serpents, beautifully colored and capable of flight. To see them flying high in the air, long feathered tails streaming out behind them, is a breathtaking sight. Too small to be ridden, quetzalcoatls can carry messages through dangerous territories or spy out the land, helping magi on their travels. These serpents can sustain flight for hours, and during colder months whole flocks can be seen, migrating. Because they are reptiles, they love to bask in the sun, and their burrows are lined with spells to keep them warm. They create very narrow tunnels that no magi could crawl into, making a virtual maze. It's all but impossible to find an egg in these lairs, so the only eggs not raised by parents were given freely. To be granted one of these eggs is either a mark of your excellent care-giving skills or your determination as an adventurer. Nareaun quetzalcoatls are a beautiful shade of light blue, with a rose underbelly. Their wings, only slightly smaller than those of phoenixes, end in pale tips. The colors somehow remind one of delicate sea shells.

Sprite art: BettyxMe | Description: Damien