Name: unnamed
Species: Razan Orchid
Birthday: Wednesday, November 23, 2022
Owner: Skyprotecter

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Stage Progress: 96.17%
Overall Progress: 56.83%

This violet egg resembles a flower that has yet to bloom.

Razan orchids are strange beings that, despite heated discussions among many magi, cannot be classified as either animals or plants. They move about walking on their petals or using their vine-like arms to climb, always searching for the best spot to put their roots down. Usually such a spot will have plenty of sunlight and some water nearby, though sometimes an orchid also ends up in the kitchen. When the warmth of the hearths lead these companions astray, they must be guided elsewhere. Based on this, some magi conclude that their eyes pick up on a different spectrum of the light. This would give a Razan orchid more information on temperature rather than visible light. For those less interested in science, this simply means that one should be aware of traveling orchids until they settled down. At night these companions retreat to sheltered spots, curl in their tendrils and close their petals around their bodies tightly. If an orchid feels threatened they will produce a sweet scent that addles an assailant, leaving the foe feeling obliviously happy and disoriented for hours. Due to many people becoming addicted to this state of artificial contentment when these creatures were first discovered, strict regulations had to be enforced.

Sprite art: Munin/DarrkestDrow | Description: Munin/Damien