Male Hatchling

Male Hatchling
Name: unnamed
Species: Stone Uguay
Birthday: Wednesday, November 23, 2022
Owner: Katnilb

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Stage Progress: 1.23%
Overall Progress: 43.56%

Stone uguay eggs can remain dormant for months, even years, and only when they are long forgotten by their owners do they crack and reshape into tiny turtle hatchlings. As they do not require any sort of attention, many have discovered their stone uguay hatchlings in weird places around their abodes, such as on top of the highest shelves, inside recently used ovens, or even in a sock drawer. If paying close attention to them, these creatures will not move and appear to be devoid of life. Some claim they are too shy to move when their owners are around, others say they do not have enough life magic to travel for extended periods of time. One thing is for sure, though: stone uguay hatchlings will remain motionless for as long as someone keeps a close eye on them.

Legend has it that long ago the artificers wanted to copy the benefits of having uguay as companions without going through the trouble of befriending the real creatures. They tried using different materials and fabrics in creating them and after many failed attempts they settled on one stone in particular. Mined from the mountains of Me'chuan, the obsidian found there proved to be the most effective in growing some sort of plant life if enchanted with enough life magic. In their zealous attempts to make these uguay better than their live counterparts, the artificers were too late to realize their magic did not stick to their creations as intended, and everything they imbued the stone bodies with animated them instead of causing plants to grow on the shells. Therefore, no fish were attracted to them when submerged and the artificers deemed the project a failure. Nowadays, the stone uguay can be found in artificer-run stores, trinkets sold for cheap prices.

Sprite art: Mysfytt | Description: Real