Adult Male

Adult Male
Name: unnamed
Species: Dark Aura Whale
Birthday: Tuesday, November 22, 2022
Owner: brandy815

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Aura whale adults are the most visible when the moon shines brightly. Their ghostly bodies reflect in the moon's light, shimmering in a strange array of colors. It would be hard to compare their auras with the northern lights, but somehow they still fit in perfectly with the frozen north. Although their bodies are solid when the sun is up, the whales move silently, their powers over air magic allowing them to float skilfully through the air. It is an exceptional sight, seeing whales as large as ten meters swimming through the sky as if they are in the water. They come down only to eat, consuming large quantities of snow and ice, enough to last them for many days. As large as they are, the aura whales are skittish, preferring to keep their distance from those who visit the Stargazer's Summit. Even so, they like to put up a spectacle deep in the night, showing off their majestic bones as the auras float around them in a ghostly manner.

Aura whales can be seen only near the Stargazer's Summit. If they exist far beyond that point, no one knows, but it is a certainty that those who visit the summit will sooner or later spot these magnificent creatures flying high in the sky. The harsh winter conditions make it hard for anyone to study these creatures, but this doesn't stop magi from attempting to understand them better. So far, only a few theories have been taken seriously back at the Keep, most of the others being dismissed as fairy tales. The most popular and fairly agreed upon is that these whales are actually made out of air. While the sun shines, the airy bodies appear solid in beautiful shades of blue. When the night gets exceptionally chilly and the moon lights bright above, the whales' bodies turn to a gassy form that trails around their bones in an aura-like manner. It is still a mystery why the bones remain in solid form, but magi continue to study these creatures with hopes of soon unveiling the truth about them.

Sprite art: Mysfytt | Description: Real