Adult Female

Adult Female
Name: unnamed
Species: Stellar Nightjar Gryphlet
Birthday: Friday, August 5, 2022
Owner: Shadowfrost

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Varieties of nightjar gryphlets are found all around the known world, wherever there are magical creatures. Magi keep them mainly for companionship, but if one is willing to farm the absurdly large number of insects needed to keep one fed, they make adequate guard creatures during the night. As they are undetectable to intruders, they are not great deterrents, but are excellent for catching anything that has evaded all other protections. Adult nightjar gryphlets court by bringing each other tasty insects, and mate for life, working together to raise their offspring. They are highly affectionate, unjealous creatures, though, and if one or both in a pair are bonded to a magi, will bring their hatchlings to their magi companion to show off. It is also not uncommon for a pair of sleeping gryphlets to make room between them during the day so their magi friend can nap between them.

Nightjar gryphlets are about two-thirds the size of their common gryphon cousins, and unlike most other gryphons, are nocturnal. They spend most of the night foraging, for they subsist mostly on bugs, which is no small feat for creatures of their size. However, when times are lean, they have been known to hunt and eat meat, though nightjar gryphlets that feed only on meat slowly grow thin and listless. Nightjar gryphlets travel quietly and are capable of great stealth at night, becoming all but invisible when they wish to by blending into their surroundings. Because they must devote so much time to foraging, despite being large enough to ride, nightjar gryphlets do not make great mounts for long journeys. However, they are far more affectionate than the average gryphon, and are beloved companions for their sweet nature.

Sprite art: Mysfytt | Description: Kestrad